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Until October 19th, I am offering a special promotional discount over at Smashwords. For the first 30 people who purchase Unraveled, using the promotional coupon below, your purchase will be FREE. Yes, FREE! Just go to my Unraveled Smashwords page here. The coupon code is clearly visible under BUY WITH COUPON.

Don’t miss this opportunity to read Unraveled for free! And if you like what you read, please consider leaving a review there and spreading the word to your friends.

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Unraveled is HERE!

It’s finally here! Unraveled is up on Amazon. Here is the link to the book. I will work on getting it up on Smashwords in a few days and also on Paperbook, though the file is being a pain.  I hope you enjoy it and please take time to leave a review and SPREAD THE WORD! Thank you so much and I hope the book makes the long wait worth it.

Amazon Kindle

Unraveled Information & Cover

Can I just start off by saying “WHUUUUTTT????”

It’s insane just how hard it is to STILL format book files for Kindle and for paperback on Amazon. I thought after so many years of not publishing, they would improve their methods, but no. Not by much. I’m still having to upload/reupload/scream/reupload/cry/reupload/pray/reupload and I’m still not sure it’s right.

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A New Week in a New Month

I came here all excited to say that the pre-release book reviews were in and it would only be a few days before I would have the new book out on Kindle. Of course that gets pushed to the side as everyone (including me) is focused on what happened in Las Vegas last night.

My prayers go out to everyone there – those who lost loved ones, those who were injured, and even the family of the gunman, who are as baffled about what happened as we all are. I hope everyone comes together in prayer and puts politics aside.

Tomorrow, I will have more information on the new book, Unraveled, a new cover reveal and where I go from here. Again, I thank everyone who has stuck with me for so long and been incredibly patient as I got life issues in line so I could return to writing. It has been a long journey with this book and I hope that it meets (even exceeds) your expectations.

Until tomorrow, friends. ❤

Cover Preview – Unraveled

Editing status update: Editor returned proof with notes and revisions. Updating and reviewing her critique. This is the first time I’ve used her and I like her style and her attention to detail. This should take another week or so of polishing before I sent it off for reviews, blogs, etc.

Meanwhile, here is a preview of the cover. This is not final and I’d like thoughts on it.

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