Okay, as of right now, I have two working files for this next book. First person, 2 POV (as my other books, through the eyes of the two main male and female characters) and third person.

Third person, I believe will give me a way to tell more of the story and give insight into more characters.  Problem is, I’m so accustomed to first person.  I have a question – in third person, will it work to still just focus around the two main characters most of the time? Typically, third person seems to get everyone in the mix at some point, but I only want to do that in certain situations.  I mean, this is a mystery novel, I don’t want the reader to figure out the bad person at the very beginning.  I only want to focus on said bad person after it’s been revealed that the person is bad. Does that make any sense?  I seriously need some Third Person 101. I like the idea of being able to take time and focus on an important scene that doesn’t include one of the main character’s POV, while still not going off in left field.  Heavens, this is gonna be tough.  My first two books were in third person…why have I lost so much momentum?? *bangs head on keyboard* I know why. Cause I love bringing out my characters personalities as they tell their story, that’s why.

Good thing I have two files going because I still don’t know how this is going to play out.  Stay tuned as I continue my mental breakdown.  Same time, same station. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.