Okay, if you’re gonna pull my leg… :)

Current word count: 50,809/80,000

Status: Pulling out my hair.

I have nearly the entire story written out and as you can see, my word count is not where it should be. A lot of fleshing out (read: fluffing and stuffing) needs to be done before I’m satisfied. I have to keep the second storyline for the second book because including it in the first would end up being waaay too much. In some ways, this book is writing itself better than some of the others…in some ways, it’s very stubborn. Considering my muse (Derick), I’m not surprised. He’s stubborn as can be.

I promised a second excerpt and here it is:

Please note that any excerpt posted here is my property (WordPress will not the date this is being posted) and not free to be snagged by anyone. I appreciate your consideration, after all, it’s going in the book and it wouldn’t be nice to run off with it before it sees the light of day, right?


Excerpt #2


“I’m scared.” Ivy blurted out as Derick inched forward. The apprehension was easy to read. “Could you glaze me, maybe?”

Talk about a buzz kill. How would either one of them gain any pleasure from this experience if she was catatonic? Disappointed, Derick knew as frightened as she was, if he didn’t glaze her, there was a chance she would try to back out.  Panic would set in and she’d run.  Honestly, killing this beauty while she was screaming didn’t appeal to him.  After all, he wasn’t Sectarian. He wanted to savor this lady’s virgin blood.

Carefully, he cupped Ivy’s face in his hands and stroked the soft skin of her cheek with a callused thumb.  Her whole body now shook.

“I guess I’m holding onto life more than I thought I would.”

“Most do, in the end.” he said, gently smiling.

“But I still have to die? No chance for a last minute pardon?”

“Answer that yourself.”

She leaned into his touch and Derick felt a wave of gratefulness come over her. “I don’t have to. You’re right. I’m getting off easy by comparison.  Let’s do this.”

He met her eyes, those beautiful green orbs that shined like emeralds, still glistening with fresh tears. “Take a deep breath, sweetheart.  Good.  Now, close your eyes and relax. Think of…”

“Mr. Upton?”


“I am sorry that this is how Josef’s existence had to end.  I’m not a violent person…I…”

Derick nodded and whispered, “Even the most docile of creatures can become ferial when caged.”

“I hope you can forgive me.”

“I do forgive you. Please, don’t be afraid. This is going to be fast and you will have no conscious thought of what is happening. Understand?”

“I do.”

“Now, close your eyes and think of happier days. Go to the place where you were the most happy…felt the most secure and the most loved.”

“My Grandma.” She whispered wistfully, seemingly a million miles away. Derick felt her drifting, fading fast.

“You’re a very beautiful woman and despite the crime you have committed, I have enjoyed this time getting to know you.  Forgive yourself, sweet lady and go to sleep.  Be with your Grandma. Yes, that’s it.…sleep, now.”

It was fast and painless. Her eyes closed and before she fell into his arms, she whispered a very appreciative, “Thank you.” Gently, he allowed her sleeping body to rest on the chaise.  Breaths coming easier in her deep, peaceful slumber, her hair fanned out like whispering feathers blowing in the breeze on a sunny, spring day.  In a moment of what he would easily call weakness, he allowed the back of his fingers to meet with her cheek, wiping away the lone tear that remained.

“Sweet dreams, Ivy.”

Derick Upton, who prided himself on being a strict Elder, a follower of rules, didn’t know what consequences would come from what he did next.

He left her alone.  Alone and alive.

Yes, even with the sting of temptation on his lips.  No, he’d sooner crush a butterfly in his grasp than destroy such a lovely woman.

A woman with whom he just unwillingly formed a connection.

Therefore, he left her peacefully on the chaise.  Indeed, there would be explaining to do when she awakened, but that gave him more than enough time to contemplate his next move.

Sending her away.


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