There is a snag.

First of all, I don’t know how to apologize enough for this.  Winterhaven will have to be suspended.  *sigh*  How to explain this without going into boring detail….

When I first edited it for posting here, it was several months ago, before I decided on the path I wanted the story to take, paranormal wise.  Tuesday, when I started into chapter 5 of editing (to get far enough ahead for posting), I stumbled upon a MAJOR roadblock that would make conversion to paranormal very difficult.  No, not impossible, but it would take some thinking and rewriting, which would include revision of the chapters I have already posted.  Yikes.  I did NOT see that coming and now feel stupid for missing it.  This is the reason I’ve decided, instead of posting more and hoping to rewrite it by chapter 5, I will stop it now before those who are reading it become more invested.

I have no doubt i can make the revisions necessary, it will just take time.  I chose Winterhaven as a finished story because I thought it would NOT have to be revised.  I was wrong and for that I do humbly apologize.  Many people are asking for a follow up to Color of Night and I’m working on that also, so revisions to Winterhaven would take more time that I just don’t have at the moment.  I believe that, once revised, it would make a good book, being split into a couple of parts (remember, it’s 96000 words).  When you post a story online as I did, fluff is more forgivable.  Published e-books, not so much.  Winterhaven, I’m sorry to say, is simply a fluff-fest, especially after chapter 3.

Again, I apologize to those who were reading it (and I know who you all are 😉 ).  Despite the concerns of theft, which a kind friend gave me encouragement about, I was willing to go all the way with Winterhaven, but I don’t see how that’s possible now because the story is moving in the wrong direction.  The previous chapters will be removed in a couple of days, so visitors won’t start on the story, not realizing it won’t be finished here.  Thank you very much for understanding.  Going to crawl under my blanket of shame  now.  Gah.


3 thoughts on “There is a snag.

  1. I know exactly what you’re experiencing. I’ve been halfway through a novel and realized that what I was getting at with the story was not going to work with what was written earlier in the story. I’ll get back on board with the new Winterhaven when you get it ready. It’s an exciting story so far and the paranormal twist will only enhance it in my opinion. Good luck friend!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! If I had any clue this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have started posting the story. I had gone through and taken out all of the Phantom of the Opera elements from the fan fiction and thought it would convert to paranormal, but there was a big element I didn’t forsee. When I remove that, I will have to change parts of the first chapters. Yuck. I should have gone with my first instinct and written out a brand new story, from the beginning and post each new part. I may still do that since I have tons of ideas. Right now, I need to focus on Color of Night. 🙂

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