Anyone reading Winterhaven so far?  I think the beginning of the story will have a slow start and I’m afraid that it will be a couple of chapters yet to lay out the story and where it would be of interest to anyone (aka “getting to the good stuff”).  But I was very curious to see if anyone was remotely interested in me continuing to post more parts of Winterhaven.  I would really appreciate some feedback.  No, I’m not a praise hound, but I feel it’s futile to post something here that no one is reading.  I don’t mind posting more, I just need to know.  Please comment or like the post so I get an idea.  Thank you so much!

PS- Because I did get a few people saying that they don’t have a WP account and would still like to comment, I unchecked the setting that those commenting HAVE to be a member of WP and logged in to comment.  I still have to approve comments though, so spam will still not be allowed through, no matter what.  But now, if you’ve come here from Facebook or Twitter and would like to comment, you should be able to now.