A Writer’s Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

“As a writer, the world you create is yours and yours alone. Someone will always be there to tell you what you can’t do, but they’re nearly always wrong. You’re a writer. You can make anything up that you want. It may not be lucrative. It may not pay your mortgage. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about what’s going on between you and the blank page before you. It’s just you and the story. If you love it and you want to write it, then wire your trap shut and write it. And write it well. Expect nothing beyond this — expect no reward, expect no victory parade — but embrace the satisfaction it gives you to do your thing.”

From this super cool blog post (NSFW) – http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2012/02/21/25-things-i-want-to-say-to-so-called-aspiring-writers/



I have a common, but terrible pet peeve that often makes me sit and wonder why I bother doing this at all.  Have you heard this one, fellow writers? “Are you a writer? Yeah, I like to write too.” OR “I’ve written a couple of things.” OR “I’ve been working on a book for a while now.” OR EVEN STILL, “How did you get published?” as if the notion of me being traditionally published is the most outlandish thing in the universe.  Of course when I say I’m an Indie author, some stare blankly at me.  It’s that point that I know these people aren’t exactly serious.  Who writes and doesn’t understand the term Indie these days?  I have to say “self published”, which carries such a huge stigma among those who aren’t really writers at all.  “Oh. I see.” is what I get in response.  Might as well be saying, “So you’re not really an author and are taking the easy way out.”

Everyone has the right to write what they want, when they want and how they want.  It’s America.  But what bugs me is the lack of respect writers get from non-writers, thinking writing is easy.  Sure, writing something IS easy.  Writing something read-worthy is not.  I started like most out there, just throwing stuff down on the screen, good or bad and learning as I go.  I didn’t go to college, didn’t take one writing class, ever.  All I knew was that, when I discovered I could type out stories that started to make sense, I wanted to keep doing it.  Believe me, my earlier fan fiction (how I got started) is pretty short (less than 40 pages) and pretty bad.  Okay, REALLY bad.

My point is, if you’re going to tell me that you’re also “writing something” then just shut up and write it because you’re not impressing me or anyone else with your “aspiring” writer talk.  You aren’t forming some sort of kinship with me.  At this point, and this may sound terrible, but you’ve got to put up or shut up.  And NO, i’m not going to tell you the steps I took in getting my book published.  Hey, I did this all on my own and you can do.  The resources are there on the internet.  I found them, you can too.

There is no secret to writing, you just have to start.  But most importantly, you have to KEEP WRITING.  It’s not going to be perfect the first, second, third and even the fourth time around, but if you are like me, the obsession to get the story out outweighs the obsession to be perfect right off the bat.  So, what I’m trying to say is quit asking so many questions, give writers a little respect and if you want to join us, by all means, GO FOR IT!

Believe me, the feeling of satisfaction you get from seeing your finished story on paperback is definitely worth the struggle to get there.  Thank you and have a great weekend, friends! 🙂


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