Authorgraph, a way to sign e-books!

I signed up for authorgraph a while back but never got a hit on it until I finally added all the books.  Now I’m getting a few requests.  YEAH! 🙂

If you don’t know what authorgraph is, it’s a website where you can request electronic signatures from your favorite authors.  The good:  for an author, it’s a way to sign an ebook for a reader who requests it.  With its customized inscription, you can say what you want, to make it more personal for the reader.  And for a reader, you don’t have to purchase a paperback that you might not read, just to get something an author can sign.

The bad: you CAN sign your own name, but honestly, unless you have a pen tool, the mouse is only going to serve in making a horrible looking, scratchy mess.  There is a handwriting type font for a standard signature, but there is no customization to that, so EVERYONE gets the same font with their signature, which takes away the personal feel to it.  I noticed this when I signed up over a year ago and was disappointed to find that they had not added more handwriting-looking font choices, so that, at least, each author could pick what they liked or what most resembled their style.  And I’m also a little disappointed that there is no way to upload a signature file, like a jpg.  That way, I could create my own signature in the font i like and upload it.  Maybe that will change in the future.

Still, I like the fact that you can get your ebook personalized.  The file (with your authorgraph) shows up in a pdf file that I think can be downloaded.  Does it show up on your actual ebook (as on a Kindle or Nook reader)?  I don’t know for sure.  But, if you want my autograph (or other authors), check out authorgraph and make a request, I’ll be more than happy to sign it for you! 🙂

Have a great day!


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