Have you ever just gotten stuck writing one particular section of a chapter because you just couldn’t get the right words to fit because your muse jumped ship and took off for Mexico? The section before it works and the section after it works, but not the “in-between”? Yep, I’m knee deep in that right now and it’s beginning to drive me crazy. I can’t seem to just bridge those two parts together and make it sound halfway decent. Insane! I’m finished with the book except that one part. I have even considered scrapping the whole chapter but I don’t think that would work either. I only have a couple of weeks before I sent this off to the beta readers and I’m already behind on the first edit. This will inevitably push the release date back too, especially because of the holidays. Don’t worry, though, it’ll get there, eventually.

Even my faithful little dog fell asleep waiting on me to finish. *sigh*

Well, time for some stress relief, courtesy of Christmas music. Besides, I have a house full of decorations to put up. Maybe in that time, my muse will have had his fill of beachside margaritas and come home. He just better not leave sand in the carpet like he did last time.
Hope all of you have a great week!